Intelligent gas cooker


SKU : SS-888N

2 burners SS #304 top gas cooker, Model No. SS-888. Intelligent burner and brass burner. Can set time or temperature along with safety device to cut off gas flow in case of no flame.



  • Intelligent burner - Can set timer and temperature
    • Power: 2634.5 kcal/hr
    • Can set temperature at 160C, 180C, 200C. The burner will adjust the flame automatically.
    • Maximum timer at 4 hours. Automatically turns off and sounds an alarm when the time is over.
    • 1 touch button for water boiling.
  • Brass burner
    • Power: 3721 kcal/hr
    • Durable, high heat, suitable for any kind of cooking.
  • Safety Device system, automatically turn off if no flame at the burner. Prevent gas accumulation from accidentally flame distinguish by water or wind.
  • STL304HL cooktop surface


Product Information

CategoryIntelligent gas cooker
Burner materialIntelligent / Brass
No. of burners2 burners
Level of adjustmentAutomatic / 4 levels
Timer systemMaximum of 4 hours, Automatic OFF
Temperature setting system160C, 180C, 200C
Safety Device systemAutomatic OFF without flame
Top materialSTL #304 HL
Form of ignitionAutomatic ignition (Piezoelectric)


BrandLucky Flame
Gas valve warranty5 ปี
Width (mm)700
Depth (mm)460
Height (mm)210
Weight (Kg)12.5
Pan support5-leg enamel coated
Type of fuelLPG
Inlet pressure280 ± 20mmH2O (Max: 500mmH20)
Inlet diameter (mm)9.5mm
Battery typeDC 1.5V Size D x 2

Burner #1 Intelligent burner

Base materialCast iron
Top materialChrome plated brass
Diameter (mm)120
Power per burner (kcal/hr)2634.5
Power per burner (KW)3.1
Flame shapeDouble rings
Gas comsumption rate per burner (kg/hr)0.22

Burner #2 Brass burner

Base materialCast iron
Top materialBrass
Diameter (mm)120
Power per burner (kcal/hr)3721
Power per burner (KW)4.3
Flame shapeTriple rings
Gas comsumption rate per burner (kg/hr)0.315


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