Lucky Flame has a corporate culture which believes that “Good industry must improve itself along with social and environmental development”. Our social responsibility policy is based on this belief and the desire to create good society and environment.

1. Commitment on develop standardized and quality products.

Production of safe, standardized and quality products are the core of our business because our products relate to lives and properties of consumers. Production must therefore have a quality control to ensure that consumers are safe from harm while using our products. Furthermore, We also collaborate with the Department of Industrial Standards to develop household gas appliance standards for consumers’ safety and relief.

2. Pay attention to energy consumption.
Because of global warming, energy usage is now a very common topic. In the recent years, we are aware of the need to conserve energy for our World, therefore we fully supported government policies in energy saving and renewable energy together with the Ministry of Energy. The collaboration results in a lot of high-performance gas cookers that can reduce total energy consumption. Beside products, we also focus on manufacturing process energy consumption. We joined “Total Energy Management (TEM)” 8th project and won TEM awards which guarantee that our energy management is great and beyond the standard.

3. Student internships and part-time workers / Factory visits.
We have a policy of accepting interns every year. To enhance them with actual work experience in practical work and coexistence in working society. In addition, we also accept part-time working students during holidays and provide them allowances for transportation, foods, and extra income to cover household expenses.

4.Social devotion.
Because Lucky Flame is a part of the society and society is a part of the country, we are aware of social responsibilities and provide physical force, mental force and funding to people in need. One of our main activities is quarterly blood donation at our company which is beneficial to both patient in need and our stronger employees.

Beside blood donation, we have other community services every year, focusing on underprivileged children education. We believe that the better education will bring us the better future.

  • 2010 Community service project
  • 2009 Community service project
  • 2008 Community service proje
  • 2007 Community service project: Wat thua thong school, Pathumthani
  • 2007 Community service project: Baan Kok Samran school, Nakhonratchasima
  • 2005 Community service project: Mahathai technological school, Pattaya
  • 2002 Community service project: Mahathai technological school, Pattaya
  • 1996 Community service project: Sakaeo orphan house food donation


  • 2011 Thailand flooding victim donations
  • 2011 Japan tsunami victim donations
  • 2010 Thailand flooding victim donations
  • 2010 Conference room building fund
  • 2010 Haiti flooding victim donations
  • 2009 Bomb-disposal robot funding for 3 southern provinces
  • 2005 Southern Thailand tsunami victim donations
  • 1997 Thailand flooding victim donations
  • 1989 Typhoon Gay victim donations
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